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[debian][www]other files

I can't connect to the cvs repository, cause in my job
we have a connection behind a proxy :-(
For this reason I send you the last files translated
(the all of them are atarted by other members).
the files are: 
www/po/distrib.ar.po       I aded 2 sentenses
www/po/doc.ar.po           I aded 2 sentenses
www/po/L10n.ar.po          I aded 2 sentenses
www/po/organization.ar.po  I aded 2 sentenses


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Attachment: distrib.ar.po
Description: distrib.ar.po

Attachment: doc.ar.po
Description: doc.ar.po

Attachment: l10n.ar.po
Description: l10n.ar.po

Attachment: organization.ar.po
Description: organization.ar.po

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