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Re: CVS: bugs.ar.po countries.ar.po date.ar.po debian-cdd.ar.po distrib.ar.po doc.ar.po l10n.ar.po langs.ar.po organization.ar.po others.ar.po ports.ar.po search.ar.po security.ar.po templates.ar.po vendors.ar.po

On Fri, Mar 25, 2005, Isam Bayazidi wrote:
>  I joined the mailing list you pointed to .. I can't promiss anything, 
> but that I will checout the PO files, and work on it on my freetime .. 

OK. I suggest you tell me the ones you are going to work so I can
propose to other people on the list to work on the others.

> Please instruct me on the location of the CVS .. shell I use the Arabeys 
> CVS ?

Using Arabeyes'CVS is perfect!

> Thanks


Mohammed Adnène Trojette
"Le sourire est un devoir social."
              Stéphane Gsell

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