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Re: DVD does not boot.


JD wrote:
> what should I suspect? Laptop Hardware? DVD Drive?

My rough guess is that either the newer kernel of Knoppix 8.6 or some
now missing driver (for graphics ?) is the decisive difference towards
the older Knoppix.

Which older Knoppix version exactly works for you ?
(If possible, please verify that it really still does.)

If the DVD drive boots older Knoppix, then it should not be a suspect here.
On the other hand, why does 8.6 work with thumb drive then ?
It's still a riddle.

> I can reproduce the problem.

I believe you. But that does not give me ideas about what's wrong.
And actually i am not much qualified for even guessing.

> I wish I had a video camera that I could mount on a stable
> tripod to show you the results,

Super slow motion of the failing boot process would be of interest,
indeed. One could try to analyze which software gets stuck.

So what messages do you see if you set your eyes to high speed ?
Knoppix Penguin ?
Linux kernel startup messages ?

Have a nice day :)


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