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Re: DVD does not boot.


JD wrote:
> > My laptops are all old HP's and Dell's.
> > They all have legacy bios.

and later directly to my mailbox:
> I DO have older DVD's of Knoppix, and they boot up just fine!!!!!

That's possibly a significant observation.
I guess it is about laptop related firmware issues. (But that's not my
turf. When the bootloader shows up, it's the proof that xorriso had done
its job ok.)


For my old test desktop it works.

I downloaded
checked the MD5 of the .iso whether it matches .iso.md5:

  $ md5sum KNOPPIX_V8.6-2019-08-08-EN.iso
  37d33c1ea881b2839ecd2af5adb097f8  KNOPPIX_V8.6-2019-08-08-EN.iso

copied onto DVD

  $ xorriso -as cdrecord dev=/dev/sr4 -v fs=32m -eject /dvdbuffer/KNOPPIX_V8.6-2019-08-08-EN.iso
  Media current: DVD+RW
  Media status : is written , is appendable
  Media summary: 1 session, 2267648 data blocks, 4429m data, 53.6m free

and checked the MD5 again

  $ dd if=/dev/sr4 bs=2048 count=2267648 | md5sum
  37d33c1ea881b2839ecd2af5adb097f8  -

Put into the drive of my BIOS test machine (desktop, AMD 64 bit, from 2010)
it boots to a big penguin logo, then shows usual Linux boot messages,
and finally a fiery swirl as backdrop of a graphical desktop.
Screen resolution is high, so the icons in the bottom line are of
microscopic size. I manage to get a shell terminal (although i had expected
that "terminator" would offer a shutdown menu) and leave by
  $ sudo shutdown -h now

Have a nice day :)


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