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DVD does not boot. was: Re: Knoppix 8.6.0 32 bit kernel boot is not working.


JD wrote:
> If I burn 8.6.0 to DVD, and boot it, it dies after a few seconds;
> or  more precisely, hangs forever.
> BUT it I dd the downloaded iso to a thumb drive,
> it boots into 64 bit all the way.

This looks more like the known inability of SYSLINUX EFI code to handle
optical media. Nearly all other bootable GNU/Linux ISOs use GRUB for EFI.

If your machine's firmware offers legacy BIOS mode (aka CSM) then you
could try whether the DVD boots successfuly in this mode. If it succeeds,
then you know that SYSLINUX EFI code is the cause of the failure.

BTW: Did you find out why you got the GRUB prompt back in juli ?

> > Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2019 17:35:43 -0600
> > I installed 8.2 to thumbdrive.
> > But it will not boot!!!
> > Tried twice or 3 times (i.e. reinstall), still will not boot and gives
> > only a grub prompt.

Have a nice day :)


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