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Re: Knoppix 8.6.0 32 bit kernel boot is not working.

Hi Klaus,
Can you reproduce the problem ? Is the Knoppix 8.6.0 32 bit Kernel corrupted ? Can you please advise for a solution ? Please find in the link below screenshots of the Kernel crash when PXE booting Knoppix 8.6.0 32 bit Kernel on a real Dell host:
Best Regards,

On 2019-09-16 22:54, Gilles van Ruymbeke (mailing list) wrote:
I have no issue running Knoppix 8.6.0 with the 64 bits kernel but it
does hang after the message
"Please do not remove medium until shutdown!" when choosing at boot
time the 32 bit kernel (knoppix cheatcode).
I have the same hanging issue with Knoppix 8.6 using 32 bit kernel
when testing it within a virtual machine
of both VMware and VirtualBox. Does anyone else can confirm this
problem and have experienced similar issues ?
Does anyone have a solution ? acpi=off and no3d does not help.

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