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Re: Latest Speech-Dispatcher breaks all speech

Hello Jeffery,

I'm in the progress of getting Knoppix 8.0 ready for release on CeBIT,
including ADRIANE.

So far, I have not hit the speech-dispatcher problem yet, since the
package is usually kept on "hold". speech-dispatcher has a bad history
of breakage, and till 2014-something, I used a self-compiled package
instead of the "official" one to stay away from unwanted updates. I'll
have a look on espeak-ng, but frankly, I do tend to put more packages on
"hold" that are working right now and should NOT be replaced by a "next
generation" version, that stops speech working.

I'll let you know the results. Maybe there are configuration changes
ahead in order to keep the package upgradable. This already happened
when the speech-dispatcher team decided not to run speech-dispatcher as
a system-wide service, but as per-process service, which frequently
blocked the sound device, so I had to revert the configuration to the
old behavior with some tricks.

So far, I can only recommend not touching speech-dispatcher and espeak
until the new version is stable. Keep it on "hold" in the package


On 16.01.17, Jeffery Mewtamer wrote:
> My apologies if this question would be more appropriate on the forums
> than the mailing list, but I've forgotten my password, the password
> reset page uses a vision test in place of a turing test, and I have
> neither a monitor nor a sighted person to assist me.
> Anyways, I'm running a customized Adriane-Knoppix based on a Hard
> drive install of the latest DVD iso(7.7.1 if I remember correctly).
> Most of my customizations fall into the "sudo apt-get purge stuff i
> don't need" category with most of my installed software sourced from
> Debian testing with the occasional dip into Unstable.
> A recent upgrade for Speech-dispatcher and
> speech-dispatcher-audio-plugins came out that breaks all speech, both
> from SBL and from Orca on my system, if not all sound, with at least
> one further upgrade since then that doesn't fix the issue. Best I can
> tell, speech is lost as soon as Aptitude finishes downloading and
> starts installing the upgrade, and I've found nothing short of
> restoring a backup image of my root partition restores speech.
> Aptitude marks about half a dozen packages as orphaned dependencies
> when I mark Speech-dispatcher and speech-dispatcher-audio-plugins for
> upgrade, but the problem persists even when I tell Aptitude to keep
> these packages.
> I suspect the problem might be related to an attempt to phase out
> espeak in favor of espeak-ng as the last working version of
> speech-dispatcher or an upgrade shortly before that forced
> installation of espeak-ng-data, but I'm not familiar enough with what
> my accessibility software is doing under the hood to know for sure.
> Things are working fine at the moment, and I've yet to run into other
> packages pushing out upgrades that either break the older speech
> dispatcher or force its upgrade, but it bugs me to know a newer
> version of a package is readily available and being unable to try it
> out without rendering my system unusable, so any help in resolving
> this issue would be greatly appreciated.
> -- 
> Sincerely,
> Jeffery Wright
> Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
> President Emeritus, Nu Nu Chapter, Phi Theta Kappa.
> Former Secretary, Student Government Association, College of the Albemarle.

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