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Re: Kernel 3.18

Hello Max,

On Wed, Dec 10, 2014 at 03:56:48PM -0700, Max wrote:
> Hi,
> kernel 3.18 is out:
>  cloop and aufs compile fine ( aufs needs a small patch ).

Thanks for testing this in advance. I'm not sure if 3.18.0 is suitable
for a production environment yet,  it seems there is an unresolved
"system freeze" pending:

> With the new kernel there is overlayfs that can be compiled as module or in
> the kernel.
> Are there any plan to migrate to overlayfs or knoppix will remain with the
> more powerful but a bit complex aufs?

OverlayFS is currently no choice, since Knoppix supports multiple
read-only layers for including custom compressed cloop images over the
first one. OverlayFS does not support more than two branches and has
limitations concerning NFS as a branch. So, aufs will prevail.

I am a bit disappointed that the kernel people did not consider aufs for
an official inclusion in the kernel.

Going to experiment with 3.18 for a while now...


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