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Re: my invalidated NTFS partition

Well, now there is a question what messed partions?

As the first question do use something like hibernation, when you close your 
computer? Or do you shutdown correctly?

I do not really know, but It comes in mind that it was a Windows virus that 
caused all that. At least some of those use bootsector for loading to memory, 
and using Knoppix could makes those crazy.

I would also know, could you boot to Knoppix from that USB stick? If that 
works perfect, then you cannot give wrong target place.

Ilari H


After almost three weeks of trying various tools, etc., I've finally managed to 
repair the damaged boot sector.  Thank you very much to to Klaus and Costakis 
for trying to help.  None of the linux tools I tried worked.  Manually trying 
to fix the partition table didn't work either.  Eventually, I found a Windows 
tool that fixed it in place.  It appears that I have everthing back to normal 
with all my files and data intact.

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