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Re: systemd

Hello Felix,

On Tue, Jun 03, 2014 at 04:16:11PM -0400, Felix Miata wrote:
> Since Debian now has been mutilated by systemd, does that mean

I won't comment much on the "mutilated", other than systemd may have
pros and cons vs. sysvinit in general, and the Debian people probably
know what they are doing. :-)

> Knoppix next will have to be as well? Will there even be a next
> Knoppix? 3.9.6 Kernel in 7.2 is getting a bit old with 3.15 just
> about fully baked.

My current "work in progress" uses kernel 3.14.4, which so far is very
stable. I'm undecided whether to wait for 3.15 with the usual

Since Knoppix - more or less - completely circumvents the Debian boot
system in a more BSD-like way, using only 2 or 3 start scripts instead
of the full sysv /etc/rc*.d/S* sequence, I tend to stay with sysvinit
and will not switch to a systemd-based startup unless I really have to.

Apparently, some system services like udev start components of the
systemd suite on their own in Debian/unstable, which is OK with me as
long as they don't require systemd running instead of sysvinit. So far,
all seems good, no major breakage.

However, there is some work on orca, adriane, compiz and efi pending,
and of course also the CD edition with much reduced space, so I cannot
give you a definite release date for Knoppix 7.4 yet. :-(


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