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Re: knoppix kernel

Hello Marcin & list

On Thu, Feb 14, 2013 at 02:15:47PM +0100, Marcin Lach wrote:
> hello
> I've found that on knoppix reposiyory there is many kernels all as
> source and some as binary packages.

The kernel repository is mainly there in order to provide the sources
for the installed kernel binary on Knoppix for anyone who wishes to
recompile, and in order to follow the GPL. However, on the DVD version
of Knoppix, the full matching kernel source is also installed in
/usr/src, so in theory, you don't really need a kernel repository.

> Latest knoppix 7.0.5 has kernel 3.6.11 but on repo there is 3.6.10.
> Is this the same kernel?

No. Thanks for the notification, I'm uploading the missing 3.6.11 source
right now.

> On repo there is also kernel-source  3.7.6 but no kernel-image
> binary compiled version.

If you need it, I can also upload the binary package. But Knoppix 7.1
will contain kernel 3.7.7, so the 3.7.6 source is kind of obsolete, and
I tend to remove it since I never issued a binary package version.

> I've made remstered version of knoppix for my needs and there  is
> much easier for me to upgrade kernel on my version then make all
> remstering again to the official release.
> So please put on repo any new kernel for knoppix, best in compiled version.
> Source is also ok  but then I have problem with config file for
> compiling kernel. In this situation the best would be a kernel
> source with config file :-)

Ok, also uploading Kernel 3.7.7 binary and source right now.


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