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Re: PATCH Adriane script for mutt setting

Hello Ahmed,

This is really nice, and what I always wanted but never found time to
implement, thanks a lot! :-)

I modified the german translation somewhat, and already uploaded the
source for the new version to debian-knoppix.alioth.debian.org.


On Tue, Feb 05, 2013 at 09:05:07AM -0800, Ahmed Mansour wrote:
> Hello,
> The first time you choose email from menu it launch nano to edit mutt config.
> which is not very user friendly, so I made a script that add support
> for 5 popular free POP/IMAP email providers:
> gmail.com, hotmail.com, inbox.com, zoho.com and lavabit.com.(All been tested)
> the user need to select one from the list add his name, e-mail and password and the script will write a custom config and launch mutt.
> the script can be launched from adriane Setup menu -> Mail Setting.
> for testing:
> apt-get source adriane
> and apply the patch with:
> patch -p0 < mutt-config.patch
> sudo cp adriane-1.4/adriane-setup adriane-1.4/adriane-mutt /usr/bin/
> launch it from adriane menu
> cheers,
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