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Re: Issue with runlevel 2.

"newsletter [at] Schiermeier-Software" <newsletter@Schiermeier-Software.de> schrieb:
>KNOPPIX 7.0.5 "The Final 21.12.2012 Release"
>Hello list!
>I started Knoppix in runlevel 2 by typing 'knoppix 2' at the starting
>prompt. Than I wanted to mount a NTFS-partition as /root via 'mount':
>mount /dev/sda1 /media/sda1
>and it refuses to do so and said:
>No access to local display (XAUTHORITY=), exiting.
>and nothing was done. To double check this I tried exactly the same
>again with "KNOPPIX_V7.0.4DVD-2012-08-20-DE" and all was working like
>I expected. What's wrong there?

It's a small glitch in an experimental feature, I'm going to explain.

If Windows is in hibernation mode (which is the new default when shutting down Windows 8), Windows is going to destroy the NTFS file system if you modify it from another operating systems session, may it be Windows or Linux, since the hibernated Windows will disregard the changes done in the other OS run, and write inconsistent data to disk.

To avoid this, ntfs-3g will refuse to mount the NTFS file system in read/write mode with an error message. You have the options to manually

1. mount the NTFS file system in read-only mode (-o ro), or
2. Remove the hibernation file, which will result in a Windows full reboot next time you boot the computer. This allows you to modify the file system with no major problems.

Now, the fact that ntfs-3g will just bail out with an english error message is confusing for users who maybe just want to rescue data from a non-booting Windows installation. So I added a graphical dialog that asks the user to either mount the NTFS file system read- only, or remove the hiberfile, or just don't do anything.

The wrapper-script replaces the normal ntfs-3g command, which is now called ntfs-3g.real (you can invoke it under that name from runlevel 2!). It should revert to the old behaviour when there is no graphical environment running, however, I placed this check at a wrong line of the script, so it erraneously quits with an error message on the text console instead of calling the original ntfs-3g(.real). 

I'm fixing this in the next version. For now, please simply use ntfs-3g.real for mounting NTFS partitions from the console, or download the fixed script from http://debian-knoppix.alioth.debian.org/ (I'm going to upload the script later today, it's not there yet).


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