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Upgrading persistent overlay?

Dear Klaus et al,

One thing standing between me and using the persistent overlay feature is
complications on upgrading.  I would very much like to store my bookmarks,
calendar, contacts, etc., and customizations for day-to-day use from
multiple machines.

But how do I easily merge all the accumulated data into a new Knoppix

Simply copying /mnt-system/KNOPPIX/knoppix-data.aes to the new KNOPPIX
directory will not work.  The first problem that comes to mind is that the
old debian package database will not be correct for the packages in the
new /UNIONFS.  Next, there will be a number of files in /etc, /root,
/home/knoppix, and elsewhere which will not contain new configuration
keys, and be otherwise less than 100% compatible with new packages in the

I booted this system live an hour ago and find there are already 350 files
in /ramdisk.  How many files would be in /KNOPPIX-DATA after a few months
of usage?

How could I possibly save my data?


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