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Re: Knoppix does not automatically mount cdrom

On Sun, Aug 28, 2011 at 02:01:18PM -0700, JD wrote:
>    Knoppix 6.7 X86,  guest in VBox 4.0 latest
>    The VM is configured to have the VBox Guest Additions iso
>    as cdrom 0.
>    I thought that upon bootup, or upon transitioning to
>    runlevel 5, the cdrom would be automatically mounted
>    as /media/sr0

No, Knoppix does not mount anything automatically without a good reason.

The only medium that Knoppix mounts automatically without explicit
request, is the boot medium that contains Knoppix' data. I would not
like a live OS to access file systems on my computer if I did not tell
it to do so. It's a privacy thing. ;-)

>    Well, this is not happening.
>    Any clues?

You can

mount /media/sr0

from the shell, or click on the CD-Rom in the file manager.

If this does not work, there may be a permission problem between
virtualbox and the ISO file.


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