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Re: fedora ext4 partition

Hello Chris,

On Tue, Jan 12, 2010 at 09:25:58AM -0600, Christian Langer wrote:
> Hi I have WinXP and Fedora 12 on my HD. When I start from Knoppix 6.2, it
> shows the WinXP partition and the Fedora boot partition, but not the main
> Fedora ext4 partition. Is there a way I can make it appear? As I recall it
> always did appear in previous versions of Knoppix. Thanks,

It should appear. Can you please check the content of /etc/fstab (which
is autogenerated by "sudo rebuildfstab -r" each time a partition is

Also, please check the output of "sudo scanpartitions" for your ext4
partition. If scanpartitions shows the partition, but /etc/fstab does
not, there is something wrong with my scripts. If just the filemanager
fails to dieplay the partition, you may have to load the ext4 module
manually (sudo modprobe ext4) so that HAL recognizes the partition as

It should still be possible to mount the partition manually even if the
filemager refuses to, but of course this shoukd not be necessary in


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