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Re: 6.2 with PAE ?

For those who may be interested,
I found a way to use the whole system memory (>4GB) without re-mastering the Knoppix 6.2.0 cd / dvd:
I use the iso boot solution with a new Linux kernel and initrd (using the large model memory) and
patch a boot time the official Knoppix iso using the unionfs and a new cloop containing the new kernel modules.
Same approach used by Klaus within the Knoppix live cd but the cloop file is outside the iso file image.
If interested, please look at the forum for the links and I would appreciate some feedback...
Best Regards,

PS: This mechanism allows me to also include at boot time the nvidia and ati (proprietary) drivers
and have vmware workstation pre-installed and ready to use with a guest OS, all from a USB dongle.
Is there a better way to travel without a laptop ? But I cannot share these because of the licenses...
I already asked vmware for the permission and I am still waiting for an answer...

At 12:34 PM 11/18/2009, Gilles van Ruymbeke wrote:
Hi Klaus,
Would it be then possible to offer an alternate linux kernel (and boot menu) with PAE enabled ?
I can even see the significant benefit (about 2x speed increase) of a 64 bit kernel option
(but still using most libraries & applications in the 32 bits compatible mode)
My two cents,

PS: did you receive my last email ?

At 05:44 PM 11/17/2009, Klaus Knopper wrote:
On Tue, Nov 17, 2009 at 04:04:00PM -0800, Phil Lewis wrote:
> I hope the kernel in 6.2 will have physical address extension enabled. If not, half my memory will go unused :(

Sorry, no, unfortunately you will need to build your own Kernel for
this. With PAE enabled, Knoppix would no longer run on old (well, not
even too old) computers with non-PAE capable CPUs. I have checked
frequently on this in the past time.

Therefore I still keep the non-PAE default for a while in order to
support the widest possible range of CPUs with a single kernel.

You can find the kernel sources at

When rebuilding the kernel, please make sure that you select a CPU newer
than 586, and then you can select the PAE memory model.

-Klaus Knopper

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