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Re: md5sum and sha1sum in knoppix 5.3.1 torrent not correct

Am Mittwoch 09 April 2008 schrieb John Woods:
> Hi Martin,

Hi John,

> I have the EN version so I can't run a check on my end but...
> My ktorrent version is 2.2.5.
> Once you stop the torrent you can use the Check Data Integrity right
> click option... if it says anything less than 100% you start it
> again... and it should fix it if it got broken somehow. If you can't
> get it to validate with md5sum then I'd say it is probably ktorrent or
> it's installation might be at fault. Then in that case I'd get the
> latest version and try it out again.

Thanks a bunch. Apparently the torrent was not downloaded correctly. 
KTorrent is currently downloading incorrect or missing parts. I thought I 
saw 100% completion tough and KTorrent moved the torrent to the upload 
tab already.

Well it redownloaded some blocks, but after the sha1sum is still not 
correct and after checking data integrity again, it again reported broken 
blocks... So something does not seem to work with the torrent and at 
least that particular KTorrent version. I will try with another one.

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