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Re: 8 year old kde bug

> I don't think you can, or at least not as fast as needed. I hope to find
> the problem today so I can start uploading the image. I could provide a
> temporary version for testing (if you are familiar with profiling /
> stracing KDE), but probably you will need longer for downloading than we
> are creating new temporary versions for testing in our local network.
> :-/
> Sorry for the delay, everything else is as complete as it can be, but
> with KDE crashing, the current testing image is just unusable.
> Regards
> -Klaus

Hello Klaus,

Take your sweet time.I certainly did not intend to put pressure on you.

But I would like to put forward one simple request.Is it possbile for
you to create to do list for future version of Knoppix? Why you should
do all hard work? Why do not we tape "community"?

Just my suggestion.



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