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Update on Knoppix 5.3.1 status


To avoid speculations about too much delay again (again, I apologize for
last year's unavailability), here is our TODO list between Cebit and the
Knoppix 5.3.1 release for which we have an internal release date of "not
later than 22.3.2008".

- Fix speech plugin for ADRIANE: DONE.

- Fix detection of vfat filesystem in /etc/fstab: DONE.

- Package updates in order to get orca to speak in german, too: DONE.

- Fix annoying "out of room for mmap" apt-get update error: DONE.

- Add missing firmware for ipw3x driver: DONE.

- Kernel update: In progress.

- Bugfixes and enhancements for screenreader in close cooperation
  with sbl author Marco Skambraks: In progress.

- Fix knoppix-terminalserver: In progress

- Fix knoppix-installer and 0wn for new boot method: Almost done.

- Complete/fix a few ADRIANE components: Almost done.

- KDE4 bugs: WONTFIX. (Remaining an experimental boot option)

- CD version and dedicated ADRIANE boot CD (or a patch program that turns
  the Knoppix CD into an ADRIANE CD with immediate speech support):
  Not started yet, probably after release date of DVD.

With kind regards

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