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Re: KDE su?

On Wed, Nov 21, 2007 at 11:40:05AM -0800, John Conover wrote:
> After installing Knoppix 5.1, and attempting to configure the network
> from the menu, I get a "KDE su failed."
> There is no root login from kdm, so how do you configure the network?

You may want to delete the file .kde/share/config/kdesurc in the users
home directory, OR add an entry for this user to /etc/sudoers (as root).

In the first case, the password dialog will be enabled, in the second
case kdesu will continue to work without asking for passwords, like
it did in the live system.

There is also still the option to edit configuration files as root,
without using all the GUI stuff.

With kind regards
-Klaus Knopper

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