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Re: A few comments about Knoppix 5.1

At 08:54 PM 1/17/2007, gilpel@altern.org wrote:
Le 17 Janvier 2007 17:51, Keith Hodges a écrit :

> The UK mirror service at Kent Univerisity did not have 5.1.1 dvd
> english, for some reason it did have the german version.

Well, they have everything now.

Most probably those guys read our list and, since Klaus said he would
soon put out a new version with the installer completely rewritten --
you'll remember that it was deemed possible to have it ready before
the end of the year --, they decided it was better to wait for the
new version, with accented characters produced with 2 stokes (è à ï
ô, etc.) working in OOo and so many other goodies too!

We're the 18th, the rush is over, so it's safe for them, mainly at the
bottom of the list, to offer everything. They won't experience any
bandwidth problem with a release that has not yet  received the final
touch at the present time.

P.s.: I tried Vector's beta Live-CD today. Seamonkey has huge very
readable fonts in the URL bar, which is also used as the search
window. Multimedia integration is excellent: I was even able to watch
the radio-cabada.ca site. On YouTube and other places, the stream
often stopped, but maybe it's because there was too much traffic or
my Celeron 800 is not much of a number cruncher :)

Unfortunately, my CA _enhanced keyboard is still absent, the CF does
not work properly, setting the printer in the CUPS interface is a
mess compared to the way it works in Knoppix and all sort of other

I was about to write to them that with what they've got OK and what
Knoppix has got OK -- and I believe both are open source projects...
--, they could turn out the perfect distro, but I finally gave up.
After years of writing this kind of stuff, I get more and more
frustrated, it shows in the tone I use and it generates conflicts.

I finally got to understand that Linux will lack quality control till
the end, which certainly, here in Canada, seems pretty close as it
seems Microsoft has bought the largest ISP in the country and they're
all that exists at the national television. Whereas Apple is
apparently gaining some market share, nobody gives a damn about Linux

Everything is there, everything is open source, nobody gives a damn.



Hi Gilles,
Don't worry about Linux, it is growing big time in Europe and even more in Asia.
Linux and the Open Source cannot be stopped and will be the preferred platform
for people with limited ressources and for the new startups.
The bite is sadly to big for large corporations, mostly because of
the transition down time and the huge resistance from the IS
department which has been brain washed by cheap ms trainings.
It is really too bad that because of the ms influence in the US,
we will get soon behind China and beg for English mailing lists...
I wonder when the US decision makers will wake up
and realize how much ms is hurting the US.
My two cents,
The other (positive) Gilles

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