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Update on the CA/CF keyboard issue

Le 3 Janvier 2007 09:09, Klaus Knopper a écrit :

> - I don't know how to fix the ca/cf keyboard issue. Really. I don't
> even know why it appeared between the KDE release in 4.0 to 5.0. If
> you have a simple fix, like "cp $file1 $location2", please send it
> to me and I will put it in the next release. I also don't know
> about all KDE internal structures and configuration objects. It's a
> bug that should be fixed upstream, then it will be fixed in ALL
> distributions that use KDE, on the next upgrade.

So, I checked the present 5.1 release and, of course, the ca_enhanced 
file ( /etc/X11/xkb/symbols/ca_enhanced on my present Slackware 
system ) is not there. Stangely there are no Sun dead keys variant  
there these days. Instead there's now a slew of unhear of keyboard 
variants such as Ike, FR (the CA and CF keyboards have nothing to do 
with the FR keyboard), Multi, Multix, you name it. Pretty soon, there 
might be a thousand variants for a single keyboard. Who will pretend 
Linux is not complete?

The Multix variant produces pretty much the same results as the former 
CA keyboard. Only <> {} [] are produced with the alt key instead of 
the ctrl key. I suppose the confusion will grow next time.

So now, it's possible for me to produce the à and è letters in OOo 
with the CA - Multix keyboard, but not ï, ü, ö, ë, (or ô, ê, î, û, 
â), which, contrary to the umlaut-ed letters in German, are produced 
with 2 keys.

The most often used keyboard in Quebec these days, the CF (here called 
the CA default) of course doesn't also produce the letters à and è in 
OOo because they have to be produced with two stokes. Only é is 
possible. How come I'm the only one reporting on this? Isn't there 
any other keyboard in the world that requires accented characters to 
be produced with 2 keys?

Oh, have you tried this nifty little utility in OOo with which you can 
type weird accented characters? How clever! Everytime you click a 
letter, the interface closes. You must reopen the menu to get it back 
to type the next letter. Nice design!

Anyways! Linux is not about accents. It's about supercomputers, 
sending Man to outer space, etc. As for myself, need I say, I'm 
getting a little fed up. Once again, I spent way too much time on 
reporting a problem that will never get fixed or will get fixed to 
reappear again in a release or two.

I'll need a new computer soon and, unless Debian, after 2 years of 
tweaking, finally comes up with something that kinda works (I doubt 
it) I do believe I'll plug my keyboard and monitor in a Mac Mini next 
time, no Linux, all proprietary formats, etc.

I'm sure one more user quitting after 5 years of exclusive Linux use 
won't stop Linux geeks having fun with their underdevelopment model 
where everybody contributes, sometimes to fix things, sometimes to 
break things. Finally, on efine day, all the internet will be on MS 
standards and MS servers will fit the job better. (IIS is already 
doing fairly good, I believe.) At the present time, I see no other 
possible outcome.

This is what Linux "progression" really looks like:

August 2006, 0.47% market share of computers browsing the net: 

September, 0.40%

October, 0.39%

November: 0.37%

(The sample size is more than 40,000 urls.) I hope someday the Linux 
know-it-all geeks will reconsider their underdevelopment model. 

Now, as for this background picture: it's bad. I'm a former 
photographer and if there's anything I know, it's the technical 
quality of a picture. The present background picture is so crappy 
that it's beyond redemption in The GIMP. It's badly underexposed, 
there's no detail in the shade, it lacks contrast and, even for an  
almost color blind like me, it's got a green tone all over. Whether 
you like the poles or the equator makes no difference, it's a 
downright rotten picture. Final.

Shit, is it ever difficult to get the facts straight in the Linux 

Sorry for the non-developer rant. Have fun!

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