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Remastered knoppix size

Good work, IMO, with knoppix 5.1. Many previous bugs have disappeared. 
It's ,much better than 5.0.

But ... it lacks kde-i18n-es. Spanish is the thirth language in number of 
people talking it, with about 400 million people. I supose it's due to CD 
size problems. This time the CD is more thightly full.

I'm remastering it with Spanish, removing turkish, japaneese, pl, nl, ...
but my iso grows too much. 

To know where the problems where,  I have remastered the original knoppix 
without any addition. I've just apt-get updated, after that I have shrinked 
the apt cache with a script I saw in this mailing list:

for i in /var/lib/apt/lists/*_{Release,Packages,Sources}; do >$i;
touch -t 198103190000.00 $i; done; apt-get check

with this I reduce the iso size in about 67 MB

I create the compressed file sistem (the KNOPPIX file) with -b option to 
optimize the compression:

mkisofs -input-charset 
ISO-8859-15 -no-split-symlink-components -no-split-symlink-fields -R -l -U -V "KNOPPIX.net 
filesystem" -P "KNOPPIX 
www.knoppix.net" -hide-rr-moved -cache-inodes -pad /mnt/hda10/knx/source/KNOPPIX | 
create_compressed_fs -b - 65536 > /mnt/hda10/knx/master/KNOPPIX/KNOPPIX

with this I reduce the iso size in about 20 MB

But even that way may ISO is 20 Mb bigger than Klaus'

Any tip? It would help if Klaus sends us the whole mkisofs command he uses and 
how he shrinks the apt database.

Best regards.

Victor Alonso.

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