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a udev system rescue

Thankyou, Thankyou Mr. Knopper;

I was faced with a system failure after load a triple booting machine with Fedora Core 6 (udev), SuSE10.2 (udev) and "That stuff from Redmond". I told Fedora not to write the MBR during the installation. Everything went smooth until I rebooted and the MBR was different.
OK let Fedore Core 6 boot!  Problem it failed to mount the swap space.
Now what?  SuSE would not boot nor would Fedore Core 6.
Find KNOPPIX - booted it "knoppix 2" and like a trusted friend it was up. I have a /dev/hda, /dev/hda2 (/boot-ext3) and a system /dev/hda5 After mounting /dev/hda5 - chroot /dev/hda5 - no problem. I tried grub-install and it failed due to no /dev/hda#. I "cd" to /dev/ and did ls -l hd* - nothing found - the "udev" headache. I did get it working and Thanks to Klaus for the rescue tool.

73 de Donn Washburn
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