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Difference between Knopppix Live & HD install


Users are often lost after an hd-install, few things differ.

About networking:
[Live] - DHCP enables network access without user action.
[HD installed] 	- no DHCP

Nb: if user did not used netcardconfig before install, maybe ifplugd with a generic /etc/networking/interfaces could help ?

About display user access:
[Live] available for knoppix and root (sudo or not).
[HD installed] security rule forbid X acces to other users than this chosen during install. User could not use sudo.
-> need to play with xhost (user often afraid of terminal)

About sound:
[Live] It just works in general
[HD Installed] Sometimes OSS modules are added to /etc/modules-`uname -r` prevent Alsa to be started during boot

About mount:
/etc/udev/knoppix-rules keep knoppix user/group, user could not write in mount point and icons keep read-only option.

This differences makes KNOPPIX a good learning tools: allow people to discover how system works, existence of multiple users, how to read/comment/write a (config) file ... :)

However tt could be nice to have a KNOPPIX install at the same level than the Live-mode.

(KNOPPIX fan :D)

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