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Re: Knoppix 5.1 Mini-Announcement

Hi Klaus, Hi all:

Thanks for clarifying. To come to you, a few days ago
I did a new installation of Debian etch i386 with the
new installer RC1. No nvidia drivers were installed,
it works perfectly with graphics also for my
molecular-mechanics package openGL (I simply had to
install libmotif3_2.2.3-1.5.deb package taken from
unstable, because the version on etch gives no support
to openGL with my system with GeForce). Also
povray-3.6 works perfectly. Don't know if the
acceleration is sufficient for animated affairs. At
any event, in the past, when I had nvidia glx, I had
to install the same libtary for openGL.

With the workstation (nForce) I never installed X
because it is used for quantum mechanical
computations, so that I feared that X will bring in 32
bit libraries affecting the floating point.

Yes, it seems that we are getting further freedom (and
efficiency: the gnome I am using on the new
installation defeates any commercial gui that I have
seen so far).

What is lacking from unixes is a free-form database. I
have to use one with wine (it works also on knoppix
pivot_root install, and - provided the machine has 1GB
ram - faster and far more robust that on the
proprietary OS for which it was written!). From time
to time I try to stimulate some bright brain to write
a free-form database for unix (which is the sole type
of PERSONAL database that is useful to the scientist).
Unfortunately, I could merely suggest the tasks that
should be addressed.

francesco pietra

--- Klaus Knopper <debian-knoppix@knopper.net> wrote:

> On Thu, Dec 14, 2006 at 05:17:00AM -0800, Francesco
> Pietra wrote:
> > nVidia cards, you mean nVidia chipsets? Without
> > supporting them, many of us are lost. I would be
> lost
> > with GeForce (PC) and nForce (Workstation).
> Wait, it's no that they would not be supported at
> all. NVidia graphics
> chipsets in general do work fine or "sufficiently
> well" with the usual
> xorg 7.1 "nv" driver.  For very problematic cases,
> you can still use
> vesa (xmodule=vesa boot option) or framebuffer
> (xmodule=fb) as fallback.
> So, you can use KDE, Gnome, OpenOffice, work on the
> graphical desktop,
> play FrozenBubble...
> There are just no accellerated drivers for hese
> cards that could make
> use of the 3D and RenderAccel functions, that you
> would need for playing
> fast 3D-games or at least have DRI, which is needed
> for beryl as 3D
> window manager. So, you will not be able to test
> beryl with these cards,
> which is what I really wanted to say. It seems to be
> NVIdias decision
> and company policy to "hide trade secrets" by only
> distributing
> closed-source binary-only, restricted Linux kernel
> modules for their
> cards, which is their right to do, since they are
> the manufacturers.
> And because they run in critical kernel context, I
> am personally not
> comfortable with these drivers because of security
> and
> stability/warranty considerations, and therefore
> won't include them,
> even if NVidias license would allow it (which is
> also arguable).
> Maybe Martin Öhler is going to include the
> proprietary drivers in
> Games-Knoppix, with permission of NVidia, I don't
> know. If he does,
> I'm almost sure that he will also offer beryl as
> boot option.
> It should also be possible to download and install
> the proprietary
> drivers in the live system on-demand, if you can
> accept their license
> and believe it is OK.
> Hopefully this clears up this point. Or maybe it
> throws in even more
> questions. Anyways. ;-)
> > So far, I managed around the world with my
> pivot_root
> > install of Knoppix 5.0.1, instead of the burden of
> a
> > laptop. Hope to continue with new releases.
> > 
> > Hope also that GNOME will replace KDE, or a choice
> is
> > given between the two.
> You have this choice with the DVD (desktop=kde vs.
> desktop=gnome), but
> on he CD, we lack of enough space for including both
> systems, and I have
> to chose something.
> Btw, if you have a good Gnome config that should
> replace the very basic
> Knoppix default configuration in Gnome, please feel
> free to send it to
> us. I think that Gnome is woefully undercunfigured
> in Knoppix compared
> to KDE, but I lack of time and Gnome experience to
> make a really nice
> default config for that.
> > Cheers Klause, you medae great stuff!
> It's not out yet, and hopefully will not contain
> more bugs than he last
> release. We are always aiming for the perfect
> release. :-)
> Regards
> -Klaus Knopper
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