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The APS-Linux (www.acronis.ru) has build the program player... Can the Debian Knoppix do this?

 Can the Debian Knoppix do this?

 The APS-Linux (www.acronis.ru) has build the program player...
 In Journals- says "Instant In" technology

 Distr is a simple "live-cd" installed on HDD with multimedia
 player+internet browser.

 Question: How I can do this with Knoppix (or with DamnSmallLinux)?

 I want install smallest-knoppix-package on HDD and do all that may

 -watch a TV (if I have TV tuner)
 -record/copy CD/DVD films to/from DISKS
 -play mp3/ogg... etc
 -remote IR/WiFi controlling (as ASUS WiFi-Skype telephone

 If the Knoppix OS want to be a global OS- its need build in- the
 Multimedia Center Functions!

 Question: I watch on TV as Microsoft translating video- there "Windows
 XP Media Center" may stay in pause the translated videomovie and play
 by time from paused)- Is need function in Knoppix!

 I know that play mp3/ogg and dvd films may with command line "mplayer
 *.avi" but I wont is as ACRONIS MEDIA.

 Sorry for bad english :(

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