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Xenoppix(Xen3.0VT) CD size is released


We released "Xenoppix(Xen3.0VT) CD size" which runs KNOPPIX(Linux) on
4 mode; Normal, Domain0, DomainU and VMXDmain. It also includes
benchmark software "lmbench" and confirmed the performance on DomainU
and VMXDomain.

  Home Page http://unit.aist.go.jp/itri/knoppix/xen/index-en.html
  ISO File (670MB) knoppix_v4.0.2CD_20050923_xen3.0vt-20060126+IPAFont_cdsize.iso 
                  (MD5: b27fbe7a5f43145a61dba3a5d2ff9fad) 
  Bittorrent File: knoppix_v4.0.2CD_20050923_xen3.0vt-20060126+IPAFont_cdsize.iso.torrent 
  FTP: ftp://ring.aist.go.jp/pub/linux/knoppix/iso/knoppix_v4.0.2CD_20050923_xen3.0vt-20060126+IPAFont_cdsize.iso 
  HTTP: http://ring.aist.go.jp/pub/linux/knoppix/iso/knoppix_v4.0.2CD_20050923_xen3.0vt-20060126+IPAFont_cdsize.iso 

* Xenoppix(Xen3.0VT) runs KNOPPIX(Linux) on 4 mode. 
   *Normal.           Normal Linux kernel of KNOPPIX.
   *Domain0(Host OS). Linux kernel with xen patch on Domain0.
   *DomainU(Guest OS on P6 Architecture CPU). Linux kernel with xen 
          patch on DomainU. KDE on VNC full-screen (800x600)mode.
   *VMXDomain (Guest OS on Intel Virtualization Technology;Pentium4  662/672, PentiumD 9xx). 
          Normal Linux kernel on VMXDomain. KDE on SDL(Simple
          DirectMedia Layer) window which is offered by xen.

* Xenoppix(Xen3.0VT) includes benchmark software "lmbench" and we can
  confirm the performance of DomainU and VMXDomain. 
    lmbench Home Page: http://sourceforge.net/projects/lmbench

* The usage and performance of Xenoppix are written in the following PDF
  file. Please check.


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