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apt-get install firefox

Hi all,

I ran apt-get install firefox to upgrade my firefox
browser. After fetching the archives, I get the
following error messages:

preconfiguring packages   
(reading database    356468 files and directories
currently installed )
Removing kdebluetooth   
dpkg-divert: missmatch on divert-to
   when removing 'diversin of /usr/bin/kdesktop_lock
to /usr/bin/kdesktop_lock_n
obt by kdebluetooth'
   found 'diversion of /usr/bin/kdesktop_lock to
/usr/bin/kdesktop_lock.orig by k
dpkg: error processing kdebluetooth (--remove):
 subprocess post-removal script returned error exit
status 2
Error were encountered while processing:
E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code

I tried apt-get remove kdebluetooth but the same error
messages appear.  I encounter the same errors  when
trying to upgrade other packages.

Can somebody help me please?
Thanks in advance.

Napoleon P Manuel

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