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Re: Remaster - Turn off hard disc symbols?

2006/1/16, Michael Wagner <info@callacd.com>:
Good morning,

I have done a remster of knoppix and so far it works fine. There is
only one thing left: I dont want to have the automaticly generated
hard disk symbols on the desktop.

Where can turn them off?


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try the following:
Run "aptitude" , and search (using "/" ) for knoppix, and browse (using "n" ). Basically you have to find out which package is responsible for creating desktophdicons ( you could even search for "desktophdicon" in aptitude, if I remember well that's the name of the package). Once you got it, remove this package from your master with "apt-get remove XXX" where XXX is, of course, the name you just caught.

Alternatively, you can use "apt-cache search keyword" to figure out the package's name. Very useful because it looks for keyword both in package's name, description and more.
Hope it helps. Can you tell me anyway?

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