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Re: Remaster - Turn off hard disc symbols?

Guten Tag,

am Montag, 16. Januar 2006 um 22:32 schrieben Sie:

> On Monday 16 January 2006 04:05 am, Michael Wagner wrote:

>> > Try move it to Trask (and restore it when. . . :(
>> Thanks for the tip but that doenst work for me: The desktop symbols are
>> created during startup and I need to turn off that...

> Oh yes Sir. Try check your /etc/fstab. Place # before the line content your
> partitions which you dont want to see it on the Desktop . . .
> I use Sarge so I dont meet this problem.

This may be a misunderstanding: I am speaking of Knoppix running from cd.
The /etc/fstab gets automaticly generated and may differ on another machine, so this doesnt fit for me :(

There must be a way to get the /etc/fstab created as usual but to not show any drive symbols on the desktop...


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