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Re: Knoppix CD/DVD as Debian installer (next generation)

My opinion is that Knoppix rules indeed, and that it's too much for me:
Having so much software installed on the cd is like a "human security hole" in my opinion, since it offers possibilities which the user is not even aware of.

My idea (on which I'm working when I got some time left) is to make a base-knoppix compressed image, barely a debootstrap, but live-bootable, with support for "live compressed images loading". This would make it a perfect debian installer, plus allowing people to make personalized live-cds.
I actually made a first draft of such a cd; I can send the basic shellscripts if anyone is interested. But adding "big" softs on an additional image is still buggy; for instance Apache hangs if it's installed on an added live-image. I suppose the problem deals with UNIONFS and having write-access to conf files.

By the way I found a knoppifying script at http://debian.tu-bs.de/knoppix/debian/knoppify/ . I used it recently and it worked! (even hwsetup although it seems to be hangy with some people).

Anyway I think it's a broad idea to make a minimal knoppix system, so people trying to remasterize it would'nt have to remove packages, but to add them. It seems to be quite a big concern on the debian-knoppix maillist.

Someone was talking in the same maillist about a knoppix .deb metapackage; it could be pertinent to make a base-knoppix, and an X-base-knoppix .deb metapackage.

Anyone interested can mail me at ducasse.isidore at gmail.com .

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