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Re: Book of Xenoppix

On Tue, Nov 22, 2005 at 01:52:17PM +0900, Kuniyasu Suzaki wrote:
> Dear,
> A book of "Xenoppix" is published. Xenoppix is a Knoppix-DVD which
> includes Xen and Plan9/NetBSD as GuestOS. GuestOS looks to boot
> standalone and is used as a server.
>   HP      http://unit.aist.go.jp/itri/knoppix/xen/index-en.html
>   Leaflet http://unit.aist.go.jp/itri/knoppix/xen/Xenoppix-leaflet-en.pdf

Hmmm, the HTML page still links the (somewhat outdated) version based
on 4.0 while the ftp server apparently has a newer version (but since
there is no official link I'm a bit hesitant d/l'ing it, might be a 
bad/unfinished one, who knows?)

Do you know which version the book DVD uses?

> The book includes DVD-ROM. Unfortunately is written in Japanese. The

Great. Time to learn a completely different language...


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