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knoppix custom kernel requirements

I need to use a very old linux bluetooth driver, bluetty

This is disabled in favour of bluez these days, so a customised kernel is in order. No problem with that.

I cannot however modify the freebsd/windows system in our lab where my experiments will run so I will use knoppix boot CD's to do what I need.

I will only do 3 things to my customized system. remove KDE to save space initially then tweak the kernel, also add some java libs.

I want to do as little damage as possible to the knoppix system. I notice the Klaus's patch is in /usr/src I assume this means the kernel source is already patched with this and xfs.

Q1. I have made a customized knoppix before so no problems with that, however I have got a dedicated machine to do this, would it be faster/easier if I did a knoppix-install on this machine first?

Q2. Does anybody know of a good recent knoppix custom kernel howto.

Many thanks


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