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Time to replace XFree86 with X.org?

Hi everyone!

I have noticed that 'apt-get dist-upgrade' tries to replace Xfree86 with
X.org IF testing or unstable sources are used. So it would be easier for
remasterings if X.org would be used in Knoppix. But what files must be
modified from Knoppix? I think at least knoppix-autoconfig, mkxf86config
and xsession (?).

X.org seems to be used in Kanotix nowadays and new 2005-4-rc13 boots very
quickly and it boots also quicker after hd installation than Knoppix 4.0.2
(imho). Because of new knx-installer?

The other thing is to replace hotplug with udev. That has also been
considered in new Kanotix.

When do we get X.org version of Knoppix with udev?


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