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mkxconfig error (DefaultColorDepth) + patch

I was having such a hard time trying to figure
out why I couldn't change the default color depth
using the boot commandline, and I finally found it.

When matching to change the default, the pattern
is only searching for a tab separator, not a space or
tab seperator...

patch attached..
Big diff to notice is that  DefaultColorDepth[     ]
now searches for BOTH space and tab, rather than just tab.

Mathew Francis wrote:

  The problem is that gcc is not looking for the
header files in the /usr/src/linux/include directory
but in the /usr/include directory. Change this by
passing the -I /usr/src/linux/include parameter to gcc
while compiling. This will solve the problem. If you
trying to compile a module, you might get an error
with some header files called mach-generic-smp.h or
something. These files are simply not in the right
directory. Copy them to the parent folder of the
folder in which they are currently in. This will make
the compilation work(hopefully).

--- /KNOPPIX/usr/sbin/mkxf86config	2004-02-20 05:00:21.000000000 -0800
+++ /tmp/mkxf86config	2005-09-22 09:57:08.856871776 -0700
@@ -312,7 +312,7 @@
 # Use commandline colordepth if specified
 if [ -n "$XDEPTH" ]; then
-DEPTH='s|DefaultColorDepth[	].*$|DefaultColorDepth '"$XDEPTH"'|g;'
+DEPTH='s|DefaultColorDepth[	 ].*$|DefaultColorDepth '"$XDEPTH"'|g;'
 # We need to check this because serial mice have long timeouts

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