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Re: problems about partimage in knoppix

I think that it's because 3.6 is one of the versions that turned on
DMA by default -- but that broke too many systems, so they turned
that off again.

There are two options:

boot with 'knoppix dma'


   for drive in a b c ; do  hdparm -d1 /dev/hd$drive ; done

can go into /KNOPPIX/knoppix.sh on your knoppix CD or in
the root directory of a disk that you specify with config=/dev/hdX
on the boot line.

(presuming that /dev/hd{a,b,c} are all installed on your box).
would turn it on for drives  hda hdb and hdc, but not try for hdd.

For some reason, I'm finding that Knoppix locks up when I
turn on DMA for the CD-ROM, so I turn it on for everything
BUT the CDROM.  learning from the /etc/init.d/knoppix.config file,
I now use the following script:

for Drive in `cd /proc/ide ; ls -d  hd? ` ; do
        if [ -f /proc/ide/$Drive/driver ] && grep -qv 'cdrom' /proc/ide/$Drive/driver
                hdparm -d1 /dev/$Drive

searches for existing drives and turns on DMA for any non-cdrom drive.

(( weird thing about DMA locking up the system for CDROMs is that
   it happens for Knoppix, but not for fedora-4 on the same physical box ))

Some people have said that we should let the kernel handle
the choice of whether or not to turn on DMA, since it apparently
has a table of which hardware doesn't work properly with DMA.
(( as opposed to doing it in a blind script )).
presumably, this would require a change in the kernel config.

Trace Green wrote:
When i use partimage in knoppix 3.6(kernel 2.4.27, partimage 0.6.4), the speed of backup is almost 6~7 times faster than knoppix 3.8.2(kernel 2.6.11, partimage 0.6.4)

Does it because of 2.6.11kernel or others?

When i use partimage in knoppix 3.8.2, if i try no compress level and split image per 1G, sometimes, i can not restore these images,
error: Can read block 0 of image***, Does it because knoppix or partimage?

Any ideas? thanks very much!

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