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What's happening?

Marc Haber wrote:

On Thu, Nov 04, 2004 at 10:30:11AM +0100, Martin Oehler wrote:
I don't know why the list is so inactive,
do you?

How are the subscriber numbers after the unannounced list outage that
took many weeks and ended with a complete loss of the subscriber list?
I suspect that the list now has much less subscribers than it used to

I thought maybe the lack of traffic was due to the fact that you have to hit 'Reply All' to send your answers to the list (instead of to only the sender). Other lists (like tlug) are set up so that your reply automatically goes to the list. However, I doubt that this is the problem as I hardly see even initial posts.

I'm excited to have finally found an OS that's good for business and play. I did have to downgrade to 3.3 since you have to be a genius to get cups working in 3.4. I hope the new release (3.5? 4.0?) will be nice to cups as well as have 1.2.2 Audacity and a newer OO. Are there not enough people excited about knoppix to have a busy list?

Maybe the OS works so well that no one needs any help. ; )


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