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Re: [debian-knoppix] 3.4 17-05-04 hangs my laptop

Joan Tur <joan-tur@terra.es> Joan Tur:
> I've tryed successfully Knoppix 3.4 dated 10-05-04 -and remastered it
> successfully also-, but I'd like my remastered knoppix to use latest 2.6
> kernel possible (2.6.6 has got "laptop-mode"), so I downloaded 3.4 dated
> 17-05-04.
> I've checked the iso's md5 before burning, and booted it using "knoppix26
> testcd".  Both checks are fine, but...
> ... it hangs with no error message when "autoconfiguring devices".
> Any other test or boot option I could try?  I'm trying knoppix on an Acer
> TM292.
You can try to boot with:
"knoppix nohwsetup"
then you can run (as root) "hwsetup -v"
and look ...



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