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[debian-knoppix] Install to HD, Vers. 3.3

OK, here is my disclaimer:  I AM COMPLETELY NEW TO LINUX/KNOPPIX.

That said, I have tried in vain to install Knoppix 3.3 to my HD, a HD
which is already pre-partitioned for Linux-swap and Linux.

The "sudo-whatever-it-was" command kept insisting that I jmust partition
the HD, which.... as stated above.... was A-L-R-E-A-D-Y partitioned.

My question to all you cognoscenti is:  will "knx2hd" work with the 3.3
CD I have; and if so, WHERE.... precisely where.... do I type in this

Thanx ahead of time, and I know that all of you were once beginners also.

P.S.,  How many have ever used a 402 card sorter???????

David Dunbar

Quite isolated in a remote forest far, far away from any local
Linux/Knoppix help.

HEED THIS ADMONITION:  replies to this e-mail should be in ASCII TEXT
(us-ascii) ONLY!  No mime, no HTML, no Micro$oft .DOC format, no ASP, no
EML, no PPS, no attachments.... only ASCII TEXT!  Thank you! 
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