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Re: [debian-knoppix] memtest86 reboots

| From: Klaus Knopper <knopper@linuxtag.org>
| Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2004 08:40:17 +0200

Thanks for the prompt and useful reply!  It's the middle of the night
here (Toronto), but bright and early in Germany.

| > memtest works when it is run from a memtest boot floppy (only one of
| > the Athlon 64 machines has a floppy drive).  So the problem is not in
| > memtest itself.
| Could be a different version.

Good catch!

The version I used via the floppy was memtest86+ version 1.11.
I just now tried memtest86 version 3.0 from floppy, and it went into
constant reboot mode.

So yes, the problem is just as you suggest -- memtest86+ is better, at
least on these machines.

| Or have you copied memtest86 directly from
| the CD to a floppy disk?

I don't actually know how to do this.  It might be worth trying to
narrow down the problem.

Would you consider switching KNOPPIX from memtest86 to memtest86+
(perhaps you have)?  See <http://www.memtest.org/>

| > The BIOS on these Athlon 64 machines is not the latest.  I cannot
| > update it because HP only provides a way of flashing from Windows XP.
| > I don't have Windows XP.
| Hmm... Technically, in my opinion, this would be a warranty case, so the
| vendor would have the responsibility to fix the "error" (old/broken
| BIOS) somehow, rather than you having to do this yourself. Or, you just
| return the board at the shop where you bought it, and get a new one with
| an updated BIOS.

I agree, and I will try this.  But the store may not be able to help
and HP has disowned these machines (I bought the inexpensively as
"debranded" computers).

Thanks again!  I hope that you find this account useful.

Hugh Redelmeier
hugh@mimosa.com  voice: +1 416 482-8253

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