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Re: [debian-knoppix] win key for K menu

On Wed, June 23 2004 03:00, Søren Egmose wrote:
> Hi
>   When you first started KDE didnt it ask you some questions the
> first time you started it? If your version is the same as mine
> it should ask something like which behavier to use and how it
> should react, one of these are either called windows or "something"
> redmond (can't remember exactly).

Yes, that's what happens the first time a user or root logs in. This is just 
to give you a general feeling for the desktop, you can tweak things in 
Control Center later. I modified things to my liking, but never saw anything 
about this feature. Something remotely related was the keyboard shortcuts, 
where I selected the scheme 'windows scheme with win key'. This seems just to 
allow win key as a modifier.

Thanks for the hint though.
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