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[debian-knoppix] win key for K menu

Dear List,

I've just moved to Linux and KDE from Windows XP. I've searched all over the 
net and help files to find a solution to this small problem. The solutions 
I've found are not cutting it.

I'd like to use the Windows key (start key) to open up the K menu, just like 
it opens the start menu in Windows (i.e. right on top of the K button in the 
taskbar). When I was running Knoppix 3.4 from the CD, it worked exactly like 
that. But once I installed it on the HD, this feature is gone. The solution 
offered by Knoppix and a few other sites involves remapping this key to the 
pop-up-launch-menu command, but this makes the k menu pop up wherever the 
mouse happens to be sitting. Not good.

I've also tried copying the .config folder from the Knoppix CD to no avail.

Any tips?

Sorry for cross-postings.
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