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[debian-knoppix] Adding features to ash knoppix

Hi All,

I'm a Morphix (http://www.morphix.org) developer, and
I'm currently working a new mod that will include
mounting a squashfs image during the boot process. 
However, since Morphix is a derivative of Knoppix, it
uses the stripped down version of ash for the initial
boot.  Some of the features missing is a full featured
mount command, which is needed to mount a squashfs
filesystem (the -o loop option specifically).  

So, I asked a developer of another knoppix like distro
(Knoppixmame) which uses squashfs about how he got it
working. He mentioned that he just apt-get'ted busybox
and copied over the ash.static file.  I would have
done this as well, but since Morphix still uses an
emulated floppy disk to boot, and that the ash binary
from busybox is quite larger that ash knoppix, it
would not be very feasible.

However, he also mentioned that I could add the
necessary code to the mount file to the ash knoppix
source to get it working without utilizing the much
larger ash from busybox.  I'm wondering, since I'm not
much of a coder, if anyone would like to give me some
advice on how to accomplish this.  I'm thinking I
could be able to use parts of the busybox source to
supplement the mount command, but I'm not sure.  Any
help would be great!

J Silverman

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