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[debian-knoppix] Cleanup after HD install.

Following the outline in the FAQ I was able to copy Knoppix 
to my hdb3 partition. I was also able to convert KDE to 
English language and a US keyboard. I used my existing lilo 
on another partition to boot. Now I have a few 
miscellaneous cleanup items.

1. Although I have an US keyboard under KDE, when I switch 
to an alternate console (<CTL><ALT><F2>) I get a German 
keyboard. How do I fix this?

2. Some programs (e.g. Vim) come up with partially German 
menus, prompts etc. Can I fix this or should I reinstall 
these packages?

3. I have been using Slackware since way back when. I am 
used to modifying the startup scripts in /etc/rc.d. In 
Debian there ain't any such animal.  So where are the 
startup scripts for Debian? 

4. At boot time the system boots 2.4.26 but then can't find 
the mods for that kernel. 

5. I have designs on creating my own remastered disk. What 
program do I use in Debian to uninstall packages? 

All replies appreciated. 
John Culleton
Able Typesetters and Indexers

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