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[debian-knoppix] My problems with Knoppix 3.3

(I am sending this message twice, to show you that I have two mail addresses for the same mail box.)
I am attempting to use Knoppix 3.3 on a Compaq 2100US laptop, and I have encountered the following problems:
1.  Doesn't recognise the presence of a floppy drive plugged into one of the USB ports.  I understand this is a known problem with USB ports.  Does recognise I have a serial mouse plugged into one of the USB ports.
2.  When attempting to configure KPPP to dialup my ISP (ATT Worldnet) KPPP can't find the laptop's internal modem.  I have not tried a external modem plugged into the serial port.  I have seen this problem with internal modems and certain communications programs (DOS and Windows) before.
I will soon have a copy of Knoppix 3.4, and I will probably get a WIFI card for this laptop.  I must find a way while running Knoppix to communicate out of the PC, either via modem, WIFI, floppy disk or printer.  Otherwise Knoppix is useless.  Any help would be appreciated.

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