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[debian-knoppix] Customizable KNOPPIX on UserModeLinux


We made Customizable KNOPPIX on UserModeLinux.

Customizable-KNOPPIX is included in "KNOPPIX-UML-COW-SHFS-20040518.iso"
  It is based on KNOPPIX 3.3 "20040216" version.
  It can be used as a normal KNOPPIX.
  The default language is Japanese. Please use language option 
  "boot: knoppix lang=us".

[Special Feature]
1. Customizable
   We make Customizable KNOPPIX on UserModeLinux. It make possible to
use Debian package. The snapshot is opened at the following URL.
2. Sharable updated difference 
   A updated difference of File System is sharable. We offer a sample
updated difference for your trial.

3. Secure environment for Application Install
   We can install application software on UML-KNOPPIX which is
isolated from native KNOPPIX.

4. Visual Control Panel
   We can select KNOPPIX distribution, language, window size, desktop
manager and memory size with radio button and scale bar. The
UML-KNOPPIX control panel is also selectable from KDE menu.

5. Share a home directory between CD-KNOPPIX and UML-KNOPPIX with 
   SHFS-persistenthome is effective between CD-KNOPPIX and
UML-KNOPPIX. We can continue to keep our home directory.

[Technical Detail]

We offer customizable KNOPPIX on UserModeLinux(UML). Customaizable
function is achieved by CopyOnWrite(COW)(*) mechanism of UML. It
allows us to use pure Debian package with apt-get command on KNOPPIX. 
The difference file produced by COW is reusable. We can send
and share the difference file.
Using SHFS-persistenthome, we also share home directory between
(*)CopyOnWrite(COW) is a function to support overlay on a File
System. COW keeps the difference of updated files.  To enable COW
function we have to change the inside file system of cloop. Normal
cloop file keeps a iso9660 file system. COW does not support iso9660
file system. We translate the file system to ext2.

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