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[debian-knoppix] Knoppix and Debix integration

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Hi all, 
I have been used to read lot this list from a little time now, about one 
month, but I had not wrote a lot in it.
I would like to introduce myself a little, so if you consider me too poor you 
can also skip the remaining lines and save your time.

My succesful experiences related to debian and knoppix are: relocalizing 
knoppix in italian (kernel->packages), recompilings of knoppix kernels, 
general remastering of knoppix, terminal servings knoppix, cdeboostrapping 
debian, beta-installer4 PXE debian installings, lvm2 snapshottings.

I would like if anyone that is subscribed on this mailing-list ever considered 
to work on integrate more the knoppix and debian projects in the way to have 
a root writable partition on knoppix cd and just have a debian-installer 
>=beta4 included in knoppix, maybe startable with a good-looking icon on 
default desktop, a facility (a la morphix) to add packages (maybe an optional 
debs dir with the right nvidia, drm-trunk or fglrx debs  "to be burnt on the 
fly" add-on for local lug friends), and a terminal server that starts a PXE 
booting debian-installer for lan friends?

I'm working on it, partially thanfull of debix cvs code regarding how to use 
lvm2 to obtain a writable root fs on read-only media.

I just wonder if there are similar project or is just me that am so exited 
about debian and knoppix easy debian-desktop-gaming capabilities (A.K.A Final 
Windows World Replacement) ?


- -- 
Marco Amadori <elessar@dei.unipd.it>

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