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Re: [debian-knoppix] boot.img gone / how can we make and edited

Couple of questions on remastering/hex-editing the ISO that I hope can
be quickly answered in a few words...  I've only briefly looked at the
remastering guides, and much of the info went over my head!

1. what is it possible to do now when hexeditg the ISO?  Just hard card
boot options, or more?

2. [going OT] how *difficult* would it be to remaster/customise so that
the CD boots into a ramdisk, mounts a firewire filesystem (e.g. sda1),
does a pivot_root to the firewire drive (sda1), and then finishes
booting normally (kdm)?  I'm currently doing this manually, and would
like to automate (I tried playing with pcinitrd a year or so ago, but I
just don't have the knowledge).

Thanks for any pointers, and thanks to Klaus & co for the 3.4.


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Date: Fri, 07 May 2004 21:15:48 +0200
From: Chris Liechti <cliechti@gmx.net>
To: leslie <l.scheelings@hccnet.nl>
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Subject: Re: [debian-knoppix] boot.img gone / how can we make and edited

 boot cd with 3kb for knoppix v3.4?

leslie wrote:

> I was used to make costum boot cd's with the floppy drive and 
> boot.img,
> that would boot knoppix from the harddisk.

the new kernel does not fit on a floppy anymore, so there is no longer a

boot floppy.

> -cheatcodes i entered in syslinux.cfg (knoppix fromhd=/dev/hda5 
> lang=nl
> etc) and made an costum boot cd , so to safely run an kiosk internet 
> knoppix-

you can still edit the config in /cdrom/boot/isolinux and write a new
CD. you can also use a hexeditor to edit the original ISO and burn your 
custom CD. (i do that always to change the language)

> Now with the new version ( V3.4 ) it would be nice to do the same, 
> make
> an costum only boot disk to boot knoppix from harddisk. And i would
> to use K3B for it. Can this be done? And how?

you seem to have it copied on a HD, so why dont you use grub or lilo to 
boot it?

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